A cycle of 20 pieces for solo piano in the French chanson tradition performed by virtuoso pianist Nada Loutfi.

“With elegance, beauty and consummate skill, Eugene Marlow captures and projects a remarkably wide range of deeply felt sentiments–and without ever being sentimental. Pianist Nada Loutfi is the work’s ideal advocate in her wonderfully sensitive and finely balanced interpretations.” – Paul Moravec, 2004 Pulitzer Prize-winning composer

“Eugene Marlow’s “Les Sentiments D’Amour” is a listening pleasure from beginning to end. This collection of 20 chansons for piano, while infused with rich harmonies that clearly reveal Marlow’s background as a jazz composer and player, also stands firmly in the classical tradition of the brief, characteristic piano pieces best exemplified by Schumann, Grieg, Janacek and Bartok. Like the best of this type of music, Marlow has accomplished the difficult feat of writing–while using an overtly, simple musical language–20 very individual, unique, personal, expressive and heartfelt works of music. Pianist Nada Loutfi has very evidently given these pieces a great deal of thought, and strikes to the heart of each piece with songful, passionate performances.” – Stan Grill, Composer-in-Residence, One World Symphony