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Landscape Orientation:

Nada, contemplatingNada, contemplatingNada AttentiveNada playing the Mozart Piano ConcertoNada performingNada playing the pianoNada with artistic effectNada PerformingNada playing the pianoPianist Nada overhead shotNada at the pianoNada at the pianoNada Playing with the OrchestraPianist Nada performing Brahms Piano Concerto No. 2

Portrait Orientation:
nada-loutfi-a019_150x226Nada at the pianonada-loutfi-a019_150x226Nada sitting on top of pianoNada looking at riverNada ReflectingNada in purple looking to the rightNada in purple looking to the leftNada Loutfi2155Portrait of NadaNada with VeilPianist Nada at the Brown Hotel, 2011

Miscellaneous Formats:
Nada looking at camera

Cancer Benefit Photos:

NadaRedWig NadaBlackWig NadaBlueWig