2017 Performances

Pianist Nada enfin au Liban!
September 22, 2017  Agenda Culturel
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Performance with Lakeside Symphony
August 2017
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Interview with Nada on the Eve of the Release of Her Second Album of Solo Works by Brahms
May 3, 2017  MEII Enterprises, A Music & Media Company
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2016 Performances

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Nada, musicienne jusqu’au bout des doigts
December 20, 2016  Agenda Culture
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Nada Pianist, Classical Hour Series
December 25, 2016
    The Courier Journal
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Pianist’s concert honors mother killed in war
March 25, 2016 The Courier Journal
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Classical Hour, February 28th, 2016, 4pm, Clifton Center, Nada performing Rapsodies Op. 79 by Johannes Brahms and Sonata K. 310 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
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Pikeville University on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016, all Brahms program

  • “Music is a universal language.” She is a fabulous pianist. How on earth is she in Kentucky?” Laura
  • “Music is a language. Every note played is an expression (like a word). The music is so much more to her than it is to some of us.” Gatlin
  • “You can tell her emotions when she plays which I think is one of the greatest talents of all” Ashley
  • “I think you can really tell the way music speaks to a person watching it flow through Nada” Tyan
  • “She’s Amazing! Nada’s talent is like a Broadway one man play or an old time black and white movie where no one spoke. You can almost imagine actors playing out the story that she s telling by her piano playing” Natasha
  • “Three Chorals for organ op. 122: this was a beautiful piece. I found myself lost inside of the tunes as they were being played.” Kevin
  • “The piece performed one-handed was one of the most impressive things I have experienced in the world of music.” Emily

Her performance with the Lakeside Symphony, August 12, Grieg Piano Concerto

“Extraordinary…nuanced, thrilling performance….an absolute artist….never heard the Grieg played with such musicality and understanding…deeply moving…”

ON CLASSICAL HOUR, SEPTEMBER 18TH, LOUISVILLE, KY, Brahms Variations on a Theme by Schumann….