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Johannes Brahms Part I, Part II, and Part III

Currently available in digital format at over two dozen online platforms, including Spotify, YouTube, and Amazon. For more information, read the original  news release and also the Pianist magazine review featured in PressReader.

Pianist Nada/Johannes Brahms is a 3-CD album set.

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Johannes Brahms’ 11 Organ Chorales for Piano

Several artists have recorded Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) 11 chorales for organ, composed in 1896 towards the end of his life.
Pianist Nada is the first and only artist to have transcribed and recorded all 11 chorales for piano on one digital CD: “Brahms Chorales” (MEII Enterprises 2019).

For more information, read the news release.

Only available online in digital format.

Capriccios & Intermezzos – Nada and Brahms (double CD)

Released by MEII Enterprises on October 26, 2018, “Capriccios & Intermezzos: Nada & Brahms,” is a 25-track double album, the fourth in a series of albums featuring award-winning Pianist Nada’s recordings of Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) works for solo piano. “I chose to call this recording ‘Capriccios & Intermezzos’ to display the wonderful variety and array of colors and moods in his music: passion/reflection, power/sweetness, brilliance/intimacy, craziness/centeredness, organization/wilderness,” says Pianist Nada.

“Two chorales Op. 122 originally for organ, begin this fascinating journey through Brahms’ music… This is her fourth foray into Brahms, and her most successful… The Schumann Variations are excellent, with sterling fingerwork and a reluctance to over-pedal. The etude after Chopin Op. 25/2 written when Brahms was just 19, is beautiful and evinces more perfectly judged pedal…”
– International Piano Magazine (June 2019)

Fanfare Magazine Review by Jerry Dubins

Fanfare Magazine Review by Ralph Moore

$38 (including shipping)

Brahmsian Piano Technique

Podcast featured in the HEAR Now Festival Podcast Palooza 2020, Silver category. This 21-minute podcast, which includes many music examples performed by Pianist Nada, is a reading of an article on Johannes Brahms’ piano composition technique, originally published by Pianist Nada in the July 2019 issue of International Piano Magazine.

Original article in July 2019 issue of International Piano Magazine (UK)

Only available online in digital format.

Nada Meets Johannes Brahms

On September 20, 2017 MEII Enterprises released “Nada Meets Johannes Brahms,” the third album in a series of several planned albums featuring award-winning Nada’s recordings of Brahms works for solo piano.

“Pianist Nada’s playing sounds effortlessly natural, the rubato unforced on the one hand and unrestrained on the other, nothing exaggerated yet fully realized. And what sensitive attention to the varied textures! This selection and performance of Brahms is something I will treasure and learn from as I listen to it many times.”
– Frank Richmond, composer, pianist, music director of Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church, Louisville, KY, USA

Review in International Piano Magazine (UK)

Fanfare Magazine Review by Jerry Dubins

$23 (including shipping)

Nada & Brahms

Vienna: Brahms & Nada

New CD available now! Official international release, May 7th, 2017. “Nada is a pianist of poetic depth, great artistry and rich musical insight. She performs with brilliant technique and gives to each work a profound interpretation. Her Brahms is sublime, she fully inhabits these works and brings out their many subtle layers of musical beauty – a truly world class and original artist.”
– Nick Peros, Phoenix Classical, July 2017

“a true Brahms advocate”
– Audiophile Audition, May 2017

“….The boldness and commitment of her playing is evident right away in the 2nd Rhapsody that opens the program…both Rhapsodies come across as monumental works…Nada’s playing with strong feeling, savoring the music…”

On Variations Op. 21, No. 1,
“I prefer Nada’s distinctive, personal take on the music…”
– Fanfare Magazine, Nov/Dec 2017

“…impeccable and beautiful…the Waltzes are nicely shaded and show a real grasp of the set…”
– International Piano (Nov/Dec 2017)

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Nada in Hamburg with Johannes Brahms

“What I find particularly persuasive and spellbinding, really, about Nada’s performance is the crystalline purity of her tone and transparency of her voicing. There’s such clarity to her playing and in the recording of her Yamaha piano, captured by engineer Adam Copelin in Louisville’s TNT Studios, that one has the feeling of being a page-turned sitting right by Nada’s side.

This is a gorgeous Brahms piano program from beginning to end, one that largely avoids duplicating many of the composer’s more familiar works encountered on so many discs, and one that showcases the talent of a heretofore probably unfamiliar pianist to most readers in the exceptional playing and artistry of Nada.”

– Fanfare Magazine (November 2016)

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Nada Loutfi, Pianist

Reissue of Nada’s first CD

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Only available online in digital format.


“Les Sentiments D’Amour”

(Feelings of Love)

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